Why become a web developer?


Being a web developer takes a number of varying skills, knowledge, and a lot of resourcefulness. Once entering the world of development it opens up a huge rabbit hole and wealth of information that you can bite off at your own pace.

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Constantly Learning

The world of web development moves at an insanely fast pace. So much so that much has been written about developer fatigue:

This just goes to show that there is a bottomless amount of information to learn about web development. On one hand this can be very overwhelming especially if you try and learn everything all at once:

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However, on the other hand, if you like constantly being challenged and have the opportunity to learn something new almost every day then web development is the place for you. There is however, a delicate balance between learning new things and improving on what you know. With each new area you dive into the rabbit hole becomes that much deeper of things and vocabulary that you need to know. So therefore, it is important to take things slowly, but always be curious and open to explore.


Being a web developer opens up a world of freedom from remote work to freelancing to working as a contractor. There are plenty of sites dedicated to finding remote work and also finding freelance gigs:

A number of companies are remote only and many more are offering up the opportunity to work from home on with regularity. As a web developer all you really need sometimes is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Builders gonna build

Being a web developer means you get the opportunity to build some pretty amazing things. If you enjoy being creative and coming up with solutions to hard problems, then web development will be very fulfilling to you. With the pace of web development there are often dozen of packages and utilities you can drop into your project to help speed up development which opens you up to be more free in figuring out the harder problems of what you want to build.

The amount of resources on the web make it hard to encounter a problem that someone hasn’t faced before and with sites like Stackoverflow you can simply post your question and get qualified help.

Become a web developer not because it is popular to do so right now, but rather because you think you’ll be challenged and stimulated. It’s a very challenging but also very rewarding profession, so if you decide to jump into the fray, good luck!