Object Destructuring In Javascript

Object destructuring is a convenient way to extract multiple values from objects and arrays. There are some handy ways to deconstruct an object:

You can alias the property to a different variable, or just use the provided object property:

const myObject = {
    student: 'Mike',
    teacher: 'Susan'

const { student: pupil, teacher: prof } = myObject;

console.log(pupil, prof);
> Mike Susan

const { student, teacher } = myObject;
console.log(student, teacher)
> Mike Susan

You can also just pluck the values you want to from an array or an object:

const [one, two] = ['abc', 'xyz', 'foo'];

console.log(one, two);
> 'abc' 'xyz'

When you deconstruct an object it coerces the source to an object before accessing it which means you can access properties of an object

const { length: thelen } = 'xyzabc';

> 6

You can also provide default values in object patterns:

const [x=3] = [];
> 3

const {foo: x=3, bar: y} = {};
> 3
> undefined

You can skip items when deconstructing as well:

const [,, x, y] = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd'];

> 'c'
> 'd'

Let’s cover nested destructuring:

const student = {
    name: 'Mike',
    grades: {
        science: 'A',
        math: 'B'
    classes: ['science', 'math']

// we refer to the science property in the student object to obtain the classes
// we grab the first array element and name it subject to obtain the grade
const { grades: { science }, classes: [subject] } = student;

> 'A'
> 'science'

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