JQ: Introduction & Simple Examples

JQ is a powerful and lightweight command line JSON processor. It is a tool no web developer should be without. There are almost endless possibilities with jq, but here are a few basic examples:

echo '{"jules":27,"leo":30,"bella":19,"ella":36}' | jq '.jules'

echo '{"jules":27,"leo":30,"bella":19,"ella":36}' | jq '{females: [.jules,.bella,.ella]}'
  "females": [

echo '{"jules":27,"leo":30,"bella":19,"ella":36}' | jq '.[]'

echo '{"jules":27,"leo":30,"bella":19,"ella":36}' | jq 'keys'

There are some useful bash aliases you can setup to make dealing with JSON a bit more manageable in the command line

# takes whatever JSON we have in our clipboad, minifies it and copies it back to our clipboard
function minify() {
    pbpaste | jq -c '.' $@ | pbcopy

# takes our minified JSON from our clipboard and expands it and copies it back to our clipboard
function copyJson() {
    pbpaste | jq '.' $@ | pbcopy

# outputs the json we have in our clipboard out to our terminal in pretty format
# also if the json is invalid tells us where the error is
function validate() {
    pbpaste | jq '.' $@

Read more about JQ here Check out our part two deep dive into JQ.

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