Use the camera from your webpage, take a snapshot and use for facial recognition. Whatt?

Mar 20, 2019

Using the User Media HTML5 (Camera) API you can take a picture using the user’s camera and use that on your webpage

SCSS in three minutes

Mar 10, 2019

SCSS is a superset of CSS3's syntax. It provides a powerful abstraction with the ability to use variables, mixins, and functions. Intrigued? Let's get it setup in 3 minutes or less!

Why and how to use collections in jekyll

Mar 06, 2019

Jekyll makes creating a static site as easy as pie 🥧. But, what is a Jekyll Collection? Why would that be useful and what is the process to add in a collection? Let's dig in!

Why become a web developer?

Feb 18, 2019

Being a web developer takes a number of varying skills, knowledge, and a lot of resourcefulness. Once entering the world of development it opens up a huge rabbit hole and wealth of information that you can bite off at your own pace.

Getting started with docker

Feb 14, 2019

Docker: the containerization you can't seem to escape. Docker can allow you great power and flexibility to make your application light weight portable. But wait, what exactly is docker? And how can you get started with Docker? Let's set out to figure those things out.