Back To The Basics: Navigating The Terminal

On your local computer, the terminal is an interface where you can type and execute text based commands. When used correctly it is faster than any GUI and there are a lot of handy programs and commands that can help your development.

Some basic commands that you can use right away to get comfortable and familiar with the command line are:

ls          list command, show contents of directory.
cd          change directory.
mv          move a file or a directory. mv [source] [destination]
man         manual pages. man tail, for example will show documentation for tail
mkdir       make directory. create a directory with the name you specify
rmdir       delete a directory.
touch       create a file or if it exists update the last modified date
rm          remove a file
cat         read contents of a file or concatenate multiple files into one output
cp          copy files or directories. cp [source] [destination]

The more you use the command line, the more adept you will become, but if you want to get back to your GUI you can run:

> open .

and that will take you to the same location from your command line to your GUI.

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