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Back To The Basics: CSS Specificity

Jul 27, 2019

CSS specificity is a big top in web development but having a good foundational understanding is essential to writing clean and well organized CSS.

Back To The Basics: Dev Tools Inspect

Jul 13, 2019

One of the things a web developer probably consistently uses every day in dev tools is the ability to inspect the contents of a webpage.

Intro To JSON & JSON Schema

Jul 01, 2019

As a web developer, it’ll be hard to not come across JSON or JavaScript Object Notation, so understanding it is important as a webdev.

Back To The Basics: JavaScript On A Webpage

Jun 30, 2019

JavaScript on your webpage adds a whole world of interactiveness, flexibility, and potential. As a web developer knowing some javascript will make you a stronger developer and allow you to make single page applications, mac or windows applications, and server applications as well.

Cookies In Dev Tools

Jun 26, 2019

Cookies are increasingly in the conversation these days and knowing how to edit, create, and clear them as a web developer from your browser is extremely important.