SCSS Map Function

Oct 19, 2020

Using SCSS you can specify a a set of values in a map for easier access. Declare your map as a variable and reference it with the map-get SCSS function.

CSS Shorthand Properties

Apr 04, 2019

CSS Shorthand Properties: you can use shorthand properties to make writing CSS a bit quicker, more organized and save space in your stylesheets.

SCSS: ampersand rules

Mar 17, 2019

Using the & after a declaration you can set a css rule to apply given that the selector that has the & after actually applies when it is the parent of the element it is nested under 🤔...

SCSS Control Directive

Mar 11, 2019

Using #scss you can take advantage of control directives

CSS: Background Attachment

Mar 04, 2019

A CSS property of background-attachment: fixed allows you create a cool effect of a scrolling window over content