Markdown Basics

Markdown is one of the most popular markup languages and is ubiquitous with web development. Once embraced, it is a powerful and easy to use language to write text. Its syntax is relatively straight forward and a markdown document is fairly easy to convert to any other format. Let’s get familiar with the syntax:

H1              # Header 1
H6              ###### Header 6
Italics         *word* or _word_
Bold            **word**
Strikethrough   ~~word~~

Links           [link name](
Images          ![alt text][logo]
Code            `my code`
Code Block      ```my code block```

Block quote     > my quote

There are some great tools to convert markdown to other formats. is a great online tool to take some markdown and convert it to multiple formats. markdown-pdf is another great tool on npm to take a markdown file and quickly convert it to a PDF. There are a number of other tools and ways to convert markdown. The sooner you embrace markdown as a web developer, the better!

Read more about it in the markdown guide

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