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Git Shallow Clone

Oct 03, 2019

If you git clone a repository it brings in the entire repository which contains every revision of every file ever made. Sometimes this is overkill. Try a shallow clone instead!

Git Cherry Pick

Jul 23, 2019

Another feature with git that comes in handy sometimes is the ability to cherry pick certain commits...

A Nicer Force Git Push

Jul 09, 2019

Most of us have had to git push --force before to overwrite the remote history of your repository. There is a flag that is a bit safer...

Using Git Stash

Jun 27, 2019

Git stash is a great way to maintain your current work and switch to another branch quickly.

Git rev parse Uses

Jun 17, 2019

Git has an endless bags of tricks and git rev-parse is no different. It can be used to output some useful information about your Git repo.