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Back To The Basics: Anchor Links For Page Linking

Jun 18, 2019

One usage of anchor links in HTML can allow a user to jump to a specific part of the page. This could be used for a table of contents, or an arrow that a user can click on to scroll them to a certain section of your webpage.

Responsive Images With src set

Jun 03, 2019

Using srcset we can tell the browser which image to load to make our website faster and look better.

Easy Form Validation Using Regex

May 27, 2019

Using some quick regex you can create a validation check for your form's input.

HTML5 Video Element

May 13, 2019

The HTML5 video element is an easy and well supported way to play video on your website.

HTML: Content Editable

Apr 27, 2019

Using HTML5 contentEditable you can make HTML markup editable by the user.