Image Manipulations With Imagemagick

May 20, 2019

ImageMagick is an extremely powerful way to transform images from the command line.

Linux List Options

Apr 22, 2019

The list (ls) command in linux to list directory contents has quite a few flags that you can pass to it to make the output much more useful to you.

Terminal History Auto Suggestions As You Type With Oh My Zsh

Apr 14, 2019

Oh-My-Zsh is a framework for Zsh, the Z shell. It is an efficiency boom for anyone that works in the terminal. There are a few auto suggest libraries that when combined can give you a fantastic suggestion to what you want to type to save you time and increase your efficiency 10-fold.

JQ: Introduction & Simple Examples

Mar 30, 2019

JQ is a powerful and lightweight command line JSON processor. It is a tool no web developer should be without.

Terminal History: recalling the last command

Mar 08, 2019

Need to run the previous command you just ran with sudo?