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Replace All Instances of a String With Sed

Nov 26, 2021

Sed, a stream editor is very powerful and can be used to quickly replace all occurrences of a string within a string or file

React + Typescript onChange Event Types

Nov 18, 2021

It is useful to know the different onChange event types when working with React and Typescript

Multi line terneray expression in terraform

Oct 07, 2021

Ternary operators can be nested in terraform's HCL. This post explains how!

Conditionals In AWS Buildspec Files

Jun 11, 2021

Writing a buildspec.yml file for your Codebuild? You might need some environment specific items and could use conditionals to achieve that

Using Create React App To Start A Project

Nov 13, 2020

Create React App is a very popular way to start a React app. Using it can make getting started much faster.